Welcome to the page where we tell you what's happening behind those swinging kitchen doors!

Cow Facts:

We buy an entire cow every month for all of our beef needs which include but are not limited to:

  • meatballs
  • carpaccio and tartare (we use sirloin and top round for this)
  • poached breast
  • 'poached tongue
  • oxtail
  • tallow for frying
  • dry aged steaks from the rib eye and strips, as well as skirt steaks, flank steaks, and hanging tender 
  • poached beef tenderloin chain salad
  • grilled beef heart salad
  • and lot and lots of other odds and ends!

The cows are 7 year old dairy cows from a Mennonite farmer in southern PA who has a herd of 250 Holsteins.  We buy older animals because the flavor is so rich, and at this point in their lives, milk production begins to fall.  They are well cared for--allowed to wander the fields eating grass, without hormones or supplements.  The fancy cuts are dry aged for at least 35 days before we use them:  

Here's a pretty pretty picture:  

Steak photo.jpg


Pork Facts:

The pork we use for porchetta (available Wednesday and Saturday evenings) is from Wagon Wheel Ranch in Mount Airy, Maryland.  They raise only Berkshire pork.  Why is this a big deal?  Because Berkshire pork is richly flavorful, finely marbled, with a deep color akin to a well marbled steak.  The meat is tender, moist, and juicy...no hints of cardboard here! 


The pork for salami and sausage is from Autumn Olive Farms in Waynesboro, Virginia.  


Lamb Facts:

Our lamb comes from Jamison Farms in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  "All natural, hormone free, antibiotic free, herbicide free, insecticide free, sustainably farmed..."  



We really value our long term relationships with all our suppliers:   Lewes Dairy in Delaware brings us heavy cream for our ice cream,  Amish and Mennonite farmers supply our eggs and fruits (they also grow things we ask for periodically, like guindillo peppers and cornichon cucumbers).   And in season, we are lucky to have a few foragers bring us mushrooms and ramps.